Brought to you by the Cumberland Adult Reading Council

Program Description:
We offer free individualized assessment by our program coordinator, who is a professional educator, and tutoring by trained volunteers. Academic subjects may include reading, writing and comprehension, basic math and financial skills, general science, and basic computer skills. Learning programs and goals are individualized based on student goals. Tutoring sessions are usually held once or twice weekly, either in our facility or public locations mutually convenient for students and tutors, for 1.5 or 2 hours per session, with additional supervised hours in the computer lab.


Long-Term Success:

We hope to enhance a community culture that values increased literacy, and to increase the employability and earning potential, as well as the formal educational level and self-confidence of our students.

Short-Term Success:

We base our short-term success on the individual meeting or approaching personal goals.

Success Monitored by:

We use standard testing instruments to test each prospective student's current status and needs. We test at intake, six months, and one year and of course look for improvements in these scores. We also measure student self-report of goal achievement. Progress is recorded and monitored by tutor and staff.

Program Success Examples:

Several of our students have passed the high school equivalency examination in the past few months. One student wanted to improve literacy skills enough to run for local public office, and he did so. Another student has gone from complete illiteracy to more and more complete mastery of basic reading skills. Referrals from the local Career Center have increased as staff there have witnessed the success of our program.

Our Mission:  Teach Literacy Skills to Cumberland County Adults in Need

Our Board of Directors:

Jeff Keagle, Board Chair

Joann McCamman, Program Director

Judi Edwards,

Tammie Hyder

Pam Matthews

Gary Smith

Kelly Smith

Tina Webb